The Benefits Of Homework In High School: Expert Opinion

Many students have a lot to say about the effectiveness of homework. The overall concepts make sense so why is there so much push back. This is a controversial issue that is continually being discussed and studied. You have to understand the benefits of homework that far outweigh the minimal stress that it creates.

One of the biggest issues that parents complain about is that they can’t help their kids complete all of the homework assignments. Between the fact that they haven’t done the work in decades and that they are constantly changing the teaching methods. This is not a reason to stop doing the homework all together. The parent can seek out resources to help the student. Some schools will even hold meetings for the parents where they are taught the same concepts as their kids so that they are able to help them. Here are some of the great reasons why homework is effective and should be continued.

Reinforce ideas learned in class

The main reason why students are asked to do homework is that they can reinforce the lessons that they learn in class. People don’t necessarily retain everything that they are told how to do. The majority of people have to apply the skills and homework gives them this opportunity.

Give teachers an idea of how the class is responding

Another important reason why students are asked to complete assignments is that it gives the teacher an idea of how much of the class is understanding the concepts that she is teaching so she can gauge whether to drudge on or hit the brakes and start over.

Creates a comparable piece

Homework also create a comparable piece. It works to show where you stand in comparison to the accepted level of productivity. You should be able to complete the homework successfully and if you can’t then you should request additional help or seek additional help.

Provides help for students with learning disabilities

Homework works great for students with learning disabilities and students who need a little extra help. That is only if they are able to get help to complete the assignments effectively. Parents need to play an active role in their children’s education and in their children’s homework. You should take the time at least once a week to work with your child on their homework so that you know how they are doing.

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