A List Of Interesting Spelling Homework Ideas For 2nd Grade Students

Spelling words correctly is an important skill that 2nd grade students should practice in school. Although it is more fun to learn in class, teachers often assign spelling homework. Practice makes permanent, so it is necessary to do exercises at home. There are some great homework ideas for the 2nd grade students that can help them learn new vocabulary and practice the material they have learned in class. They include:

  • Try an air spelling activity.
  • This is a great fun for those who struggle to remember some words. The rules are simple. There is a list of words to learn. A student chooses a spelling word, spells it in the air, and says the letters aloud. Parents can help their children by asking what the second or last letter was, for example. Then, parents can spell the same word with his or her index finger and the kid should name it aloud.

  • Use small spelling cards.
  • It is easy to find such cards on the Web and then print them. Each card contains a small task to spell a word. Some words should be spelled backward. Puzzles with letters are also very popular. Students get a set of cards with letters, so they can compose different words. Sometimes teachers ask to put the letters together to create certain words from a given list.

  • Practice spelling with crossword puzzles.
  • On the Internet, there are many websites that allow educators and parents easily create crosswords using the words from the weekly study list. The 2nd grade students usually like crossword puzzles. They have fun and remember the words easily. However, it is important to keep the assignment reasonably short. Otherwise, it might take forever to complete it.

  • Play in a learning center.
  • A parent or older sibling puts letters in a basket or bag, reads a word from a given list, and a kid should compose the spelled word correctly. When the list is finished, they switch roles. The student should spell each word clearly and repeat several times in order to memorize.

  • Look for as many different words in a newspaper article as possible.
  • At home, students should find a newspaper article and find as many different words as possible. It is a good idea to organize these words in an alphabetical order, find words that consist of five letters, or select only nouns. No matter what idea you choose, this homework helps children learn new vocabulary and practice spelling.

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