5 most popular excuses for not doing high school homework

Whilst students sometimes have a genuine reasons for not having done high school homework, often there will be an elaborate range of excuses made as to why the work was not done. The following is a list of five popular excuses for not having completed work on time.

  1. Leaving the work at home
  2. One of the most popular excuses is for students to say that they have done the work but that they simply left it at home. This makes it look like the effort was put in, but an absentminded mistake was to blame for the work not being available. Of course, sometimes it is true, but often this will merely be an excuse the student’s laziness.

  3. The computer crashed and the work was lost
  4. Another popular excuse is to blame technology for not having the work. For example, students will often blame computer malfunctions for the loss of work. Whilst this is sometimes true, the best thing to avoid this happening is to regularly back up any work that you do.

  5. Being too ill to do it
  6. Occasionally, students will blame illnesses not having done the work. A common complaint may be that they had food poisoning and the resulting illness left them unable to complete the work. Generally, any excuse will be blamed on a short-term illness that has miraculously disappeared by the next day.

  7. Personal circumstances meant it didn’t get done
  8. Sometimes students will blame personal circumstances for not having got the work done. A common fictitious excuse for not completing homework is to blame the death of a semi-distant relative, with some students having claimed that grandparent/aunt/uncle has died on multiple occasions!

  9. “The dog ate my homework”
  10. Of course, no list of popular excuses for not having done high school homework can be complete without the old classic: “the dog ate my homework”. Very rarely is this excuse ever true, and is unlikely to ever be believed when used by students. Unfortunately, that does mean in the rare examples where a dog has actually eaten a student’s homework, the teacher is very unlikely to believe the story.

    Having said that, if a student is able to produce some form of evidence that the work was done but simply mutilated beyond reasonable recognition, then they may just get away with it.

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