Finding Reliable Sources Of Homework Help In High School

This is often a situation in which high school students find themselves having difficulty with their homework. Getting help is one thing, getting reliable help is another. There are many sources from which you can obtain homework help but it is fair to say that an unreliable source is as bad or almost as bad as not finding any help at all. You need to become clever at helping yourself.

The first step is to make sure you know your area of weakness. Is this a particular subject or subjects? Is this a particular aspect or aspects of a particular subject? Unless you can be specific and state the subject and area of the subject in which you need help, finding a reliable source just got even harder.

Then you need to know the areas where you can find help and then you need to make an assessment as to the effectiveness of these various sources. Let's begin by listing the sources themselves.

  • your teacher or teachers
  • your fellow students
  • your family or friends
  • professional teachers and tutors

Nobody is going to know more about your homework than your teacher. Nobody knows more about your weaknesses in a particular subject than your teacher. So while you're not asking for a one to one coaching session, it is really important that you talk with your teacher about your areas of weakness. This is all related to the initial point about knowing where help is really needed.

Every student will have a classmate who is better at a particular subject than they are. Sometimes it will be several students. So the key here is to find someone who has the time and is willing to help you with your specific homework problems.

It might well be that you have a family member or a friend who is knowledgeable in that aspect of your homework which is causing you trouble. If they are able to help you with a specific problem you have found another reliable source.

There are many websites which offer homework help for high school students. Some of these are professional and charge and others offer general tuition for which you don't have to pay. Obviously if you need specific help and you need it quickly then a professional teaching service is probably your best or only option. But you need to consider all possibilities. Remember that you're looking for a reliable source of homework help not just any source.

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