How To Raise Homework Effectiveness: 5 Helpful Suggestions

Some students seem to enjoy homework more than others. In some cases, students enjoy assignment from one teacher or in one subject than the other. As a teacher, student or parents, it is valuable to find out what makes homework effective. The suggestions given below will provide an answer and ensure that the pupil enjoys every minute spent completing the work.

  1. Purpose
  2. All the work issued to students must aim at fulfilling a particular purpose. The purposes include exercise, instilling independence in academic as well as engaging the student during breaks. This purpose must be known to the teacher and clearly understood before the work is issued. The student easily buys into your idea and completes the work more effectively.

  3. Efficiency
  4. This means that homework is the most efficient way of achieving a particular academic goal. It must be identified as the best way to make a particular concept easy to understand. Efficiency controls the amount given when the topic is easily understood. Too much work is likely to discourage the student to the level of not completing the work.

  5. Ownership
  6. The teacher should make the student feel obliged to complete his homework instead of taking it as a burden. A student who owns the work ensures that it is completed in good time and effectively. Such a student identifies the purpose of the assignment in his academic work and general life. He is likely to complete the questions given and even attempt more work because he can relate to the assignment.

  7. Competence
  8. A teacher issuing any homework must ensure that the students are competent enough to complete it. Students lacking requisite knowledge will be discouraged from doing the work. Their morale is likely to reduce because they feel as though they cannot deliver. Another way improve on the competence of the students is to provide additional resources to assist in completing the work. The resources include text books, examples, handouts and audio or visual resources that will make the work easier.

  9. Aesthetic appeal
  10. The environment, presentation and manner of completing the homework must appeal to the student. It means that the student does not feel as though he is being punished through workload. Group discussions and demonstrations are ways of making the work more appealing. The basic idea in aesthetic appeal is to ensure that a student loves the work and understands it as a fun part of his academic work.

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