4 Main Benefits of Preschool Homework: Guidelines for Parents

Getting homework done is never easy, but it is nearly impossible with young children. Preschool assignments may be simple to do, but few preschoolers sit still for long enough to actually complete an assignment. Although it may seem excessive to assign homework to preschool students, there are a few benefits with beginning after-school work at a young age.

Preparing for Magnet Schools

At some of the top kindergartens and magnet schools in the nation, students have to complete an entrance assessment before they are accepted. Although it may seem absurd to start on schoolwork in preschool, these assignments help to prepare the student for their entrance assessment. Getting into the top kindergartens can help students get into the top elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. In American society, the end goal of getting into an Ivy League school begins in preschool.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Children spend the first few years of their life learning fine and gross motor skills. Writing assignments and coloring serve a useful purpose. By doing these assignments, the student learns hand-eye coordination and improves their fine motor skills. Although these assignments can help, they can also hinder the student if they are not done properly. Young children cannot actually be harmed by trying to write with a standard pencil before they are old enough. Due to this, parents should use markets, large crayons or writing grips instead of traditional pencils.

Getting in the Habit

For the next 12 years of the student's life, homework will be a regular occurrence. By handing out assignments in preschool, the teacher is preparing the student for the next 12 years of their life. Since these assignments tend to be more enjoyable than future projects, it can also get the child to think of homework as something fun. They will learn the truth later on, but this positive connotation may help them get through the first few years of schoolwork.

Improved Test Scores and Life Outcomes

There have been few studies completed on preschool students and assignments. Despite this, many teachers believe that completing assignments can help the student achieve higher test scores. One of the few completed research studies done on preschoolers has actually shown that just the act of attending preschool will set the student up for success during the rest of their life. Individuals who attended preschool are proven to perform better in university and have higher wages.

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