Free Answers To Your Assignments: How To Find Reliable Resources

When writing an assignment, finding reliable resources to help you create an awesome assignment is important. The internet is able to provide vast quantities of resources but how do you know which are reliable or not? There is no monitoring system of what can be said, written or posted to the internet so determining the validity of an online source is crucial.

Using a search engine like Google will result in millions of results. Narrowing down your search to these fields will help:

  • Search terms
  • Academic engines
  • Well-known reputable sources
  • Search terms-Using advanced searches will save you time and can be much more specific from exact words to regions and last updated.
  • Academic engines-There are lists of academic search engines designed to search academic journals, university libraries and repositories. The purpose of these is to eliminate the “noise” of the internet and focus solely on academic pursuits. Google Scholar, Ingenta Connect and refseek are a few.
  • Well-known reputable sources-Online encyclopedias, dictionaries and sources like Wikipedia have established monitoring systems in place ensuring the accuracy of the information posted.

After performing an advanced search, your selections are refined but how do you know the source is reliable? Here are a few basic questions in order to validate a website to find out if it is reliable resource:

  • Accuracy
  • Current
  • Author
  • Well maintained
  • Point of view
  • Accuracy- An educated source will not have errors such as spelling or grammar. Are pros and cons listed or is it one- sided information? Is the information factual, backed up by evidence and sources or is it an opinion of the author? Does the information provided coincide with other sites with the same information?
  • Current-Is the site current? When is it updated and how often?
  • Author-Who is responsible for the site? Who is the main contributor? What are their credentials?
  • Well maintained-Is the site easy to read? Do all the pages work and flow smoothly? Do the links work?
  • Point of View-Always verify if the site has an agenda and ask these questions. Do they have a political leaning that influences the information on their site? Are they promoting a certain product or use the sales funnel to get you to buy something or more information? Do they represent an organization?

The internet is a noisy place. There are tons of free resources available but not all are reliable. Developing healthy search habits, using known academic search engines along with knowing how to evaluate a source on your own as being reliable will reduce the noise greatly giving you clean and free reliable resources for your assignment.

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